The Best Solutions for Hair Loss Causes

If you have hair loss problems chances are you want to know what is causing your hair to fall out. There are various reasons why you are experiencing your hair falling out. Each person will have a specific reason for why they’re experiencing hair loss. With that being said the treatment used to stop hair loss and regrow will be different to each person as well.

The most common cause for the loss of hair is male or female pattern baldness. This is mainly due to a combination of hormones and genetics. The combination of genetics and hormones causes the follicles to become small over a period of time and look thinner. As time goes on these follicles will become weaker and weaker to the point where they are not able to regrow. For an in-depth explanation of what causes hair loss visit

Best Solutions for Hair Loss Causes

Another common cause for the loss of hair is due to a condition known as alopecia. Alopecia is considered an autoimmune disease that’s not contagious. This hair disorder takes place once the immune system attacks the hair follicles by mistake. Even if you are a healthy person you can still experience this condition.

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A treatment that can cause hair loss is chemotherapy. This treatment is often administered to people who are suffering from cancer. Cancer patients have cancer cells that attack the body and make them very sick. Chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells in the body to help remove them. The downside to this cancer treatment is the fact that the follicles are sensitive to this treatment. So when chemo is administered it not only kills off cancer cells but also kills the patient’s hair follicles. This is why you often notice cancer patients with less hair after they’ve had chemotherapy applied.

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An impulse condition known as trichotillomania is another common cause of hair loss. This condition will cause a person to lose hair from them pulling it out with force. The main symptom of this condition is stress and often occurs in children in their early teenage years. Sometimes this disorder is directly connected to puberty.

When it comes to treating your hair loss there are various options available. Most doctors or dermatologists that specialize in treating hair loss will often recommend topical solutions first. Probably the most effective topical solutions include shampoo or foam that you can directly apply to the scalp.

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Another form of treatment is laser comb, which is applied to the follicles through the use of phototherapy. When phototherapy is applied it stimulates the hair follicles so that hair that has not died yet can be revived. 

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A partial hair system can be effective in helping filling in the bald spots on your scalp. Strands are inserted into the bald areas in the scalp one by one to replace what has been lost. If all else fails you can turn to the use of wigs to conceal the bald spots. You can find different textures, styles, and makeups of wigs that can be used to cover your thinning hair. It all depends on your preference when it comes to choosing a wig. 

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