Shoulder Shrugs: How it Benefits You

Shoulder Shrugs

If you are a person who exercises regularly, then you might be knowing about shoulder shrugs. They are quite easy to do and can be done by any person of different fitness levels. Before even going into the details of shoulder shrugs, you need to know why they are popular. Nowadays, with increased work at a desk especially with a computer, you tend to bend your neck forward, drop your shoulders keeping your eyes fixed on the computer screen. Over time, this causes different health issues. Firstly, your posture completely changes and gets fixed in an awkward position. This, in turn, causes shoulder and neck problems.

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These problems might look small or are ignorant but then, there are cases where people went to hospitals on an emergency basis for fixing the muscles. This problem with shoulder muscles or upper back can be rectified by doing regular exercises in which shoulder shrugs come top. The shrugs help to keep your posture in place and also help to strengthen your shoulder muscles and arms. In this article, let us see some details about the shoulder shrugs so that you can include this in your workout routine.

How are shoulder shrugs done?

Below are the steps that you need to follow for doing shoulder shrugs perfectly.

  • First, in a standing position, keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your arms straight on the sides with palms facing each other. This is the basic posture and when you want to upgrade to weights, now is the time to bend down and hold them
  • Next, you need to bend your knees and need to be parallel with toes. You should be careful not to bend the knees too much.
  • When you are about to start the exercise, you need to make sure that your chin is up, face, and neck straight.
  • Now you are ready to start the exercise. First, take a deep breath and while you inhale, bring the shoulders high to reach the ears. This should be done slowly so that the muscle resistance can be felt.
  • Once you reach the maximum position, start exhaling, and bring the shoulders back to the original position.
  • The entire process of inhaling, exhaling, and shoulder movement need to be repeated.

This should be started with 3 sets each set consisting of 10 repetitions. Later, you can increase the sets and repetitions based on your strength and capability. One important factor to consider is that you should not roll your shoulders while doing the exercise, it should be simple up and down motion and not a rolling motion.

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Shoulder shrug muscles

Shoulder shrug exercises help to strengthen your upper back muscles, shoulder, and neck. Gradually if you start using weights while doing this exercise, you will definitely notice the change. There are many muscles that the shoulder shrugs focus on. One important muscle that cannot be left out is the trapezius muscle. These muscles are quite powerful and are located on the sides of the neck. The main purpose of this muscle is to control the movement of the neck, upper back, and shoulder blades. Once you start exercising this shoulder shrugs, these trapezius muscles are impacted more. They become strengthened and the posture becomes perfect.

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The weak neck and upper back become strong and stabilized. Once your muscles are strong enough, daily activities like bending, reaching, sitting in front of a computer for long hours does not impact your posture or cause troubles as they usually do. Also, shrugging exercise even helps you to do other workouts more easily like lifting weights or barbells. Although, the main muscle that is affected by this exercise is the trapezius muscle, there are other muscles that get impacted too. When the shrugs are done, you will feel the contractions and relaxations on the upper traps. The other muscles that are also impacted are synergist muscles, levator scapulae, stabilizer muscles, T6 vertebra muscles.

Shoulder Shrug Barbell

The shoulder shrugs can be done with weights and without weights as mentioned before. Although you start from zero weights when you gradually increase the weights, you will strengthen your muscles. These muscles are already mentioned above. When you start using weights, it can be done either through dumbbells or barbells. When you look at a perfect bodybuilder or a fitness freak, you will see all the muscles tightened up and really strong. Shoulder shrug barbell is one of the exercises that they follow. It targets the trapezius muscles mainly. It comes under the upper body training. You can use straps to load it heavily.

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However, the reps that are performed for this activity is quite less. It can be hardly 8-10 repetitions per set. The usual benefits of barbell shrugs are strengthening muscles, adding size to the trap muscles. You can also increase the difficulty level by pausing for a few seconds at the top. There are also a variety of variations for doing these barbell shrugs that you may try. For example, there is behind-the-back barbell shrug, dumbbell upright row to shrug, and dumbbell shrug.

Shoulder shrug Exercise benefits

From all the above details, you got an idea of how shoulder shrugs are important to include in your daily workout routine. Now, let us look at some of the benefits that this wonderful exercise has in store for you.

  • The shoulder shrugs help to improve a person’s posture when it is affected by sitting long and focusing on work.
  • The usual neck pains and shoulder pains that occur with desk jobs can be relieved when the shoulder shrug exercise is done regularly. The muscles get relaxed and you will not feel any more tightness or tension in the muscles.
  • In addition to the above health benefits, the muscles around the shoulder and neck can be strengthened especially when doing the exercise with weights
  • Helps to strengthen the rotator cuff
  • Helps to strengthen cervical spine
  • Helps to strengthen glenohumeral joint
  • The regular shoulder shrug exercises help to make you look smart by broadening and deepening the shoulders and also by making the waist look small.

Now that you knew all the details regarding shoulder shrugs, it is time to get into some action and start including this beneficial exercise in your daily workout routine. This improves your muscle strength and also the posture.

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