Flutter kicks – their uses in swimming and regular workouts

Flutter kicks

For strengthening your lower body and for core engagement, there are a lot of exercises available. However, flutter kicks are one of the most effective workouts even used in the military. They primarily engage your lower abs, quads, and hip flexors. Flutter kicks also engage side abs, lower back, and hamstring. In this article, we are providing all the details related to Flutter kicks and how effective they are. Go through them and include this efficient exercise regimen in your daily workout routine to see amazing results.

First of all, what are flutter kicks? Well, flutter kicks are leg movements with up and down alternate movements. They are done while you lie on your back and include your core in the process especially the lower abs. These flutter kicks are a basic movement used in swimming as well. Let us see more details about this wonderful exercise.

Flutter Kicks – Correct way of doing it

When you know that flutter kicks are alternate leg movements, it is important to know how to do them properly before you start. Below are the steps for doing the flutter kicks in an appropriate way.

  • You can use a yoga mat for starting this exercise for extra support.
  • Then lie down on your back on the mat
  • If you are a beginner, you can place your hands under the lower back or glutes. This gives a slight lift and support.
  • For the initial position, raise your legs keeping them straight until they are 5 inches above the ground.
  • For starting the exercise, raise one of the legs higher than the other one and parallelly lower the other leg. You should be careful while doing the whole exercise to keep your legs straight and not touching the ground.
  • Alternate this process with the other legs just like kicks.
  • Generally, 3 leg movements are counted as a rep.
  • For advanced movements, you can raise your head as well. This involves the muscles more. Also, remember to tighten your muscles in the abs.
  • These flutter kicks can be done in sets of 3 with 12 to 15 reps taking a break of 30 secs in between.

The flutter kicks also have variations that you can try for making the workouts more interesting. Some of them are crisscross flutter kicks, traditional flutter kicks, prone flutter kicks, bicycle kicks, scissor kicks, etc.,

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Swimming and Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are one of the important basic skills learned in swimming which can be used to move your body forward and use it in different strokes. Initially, to strengthen your legs and learn balance, the flutter kicks need to be done in a stationary position by taking the support by holding the rail. Then slowly start moving forward by holding a kickboard and doing flutter kicks. This allows you to move forward. Then, you can add arm strokes to this to make your movement much faster. Lastly, these kicks can be used in different strokes like backstroke, freestyle stroke, and dog paddle.

Benefits of including Flutter Kicks in your workout routine

As said, flutter kicks focus on legs, core, and back. This significantly makes this exercise a very good part of your regimen. Let us see the benefits of this exercise.

  • Core Strengthening: As said, the whole flutter kicks exercise purpose is to involve your lower core. Regularly working on this exercise significantly strengthens the core. After a few days, the motion of your walking is done using the core.
  • Cardio: Cardio exercise is one of the popular workouts to burn fat especially in areas like hips, thighs, or belly. Flutter kicks can be considered as a wonderful cardio exercise and it is effective in reducing belly fat.
  • Burning Calories: Flutter kicks are excellent calorie burners. They can burn from 20 to 120 calories depending on the intensity and your weight. This can replace a 15-minute moderate walking.
  • Posture: Flutter kicks are done by lying down on your back keeping your upper body straight and raising legs. This strengthens your core as well as correct any bending or slouching that you might have. You can also stay in the correct posture for more hours without having back pain.
  • Toning Lower Body: Once you start shredding your body weight, it is important to maintain the physique and tone of your body. This is an added advantage with the flutter kicks. They make your lower body to look fabulous. Toning can be noticed in lower back, hips, thighs, and lower abs. The fitness levels improve and your legs become stronger with the right kind of strength in the limbs and have an athlete look.
  • Flexible: The various muscles present in the abs, thighs, and glutes get relaxed when you do flutter kicks. When they are relaxed, you will improve your flexibility. You can do all other exercises with ease and do not feel the general tightness in the lower part of your body.
  • Strong Legs: As we discussed already the toning and strengthening that flutter kicks can give you, well, it also gives you stronger legs. For swimmers, by doing flutter kicks they can move from one end of the pool to the other. This effectively makes the muscles in the legs stronger. There might be some muscle wear and tear but when you rest properly, the muscle fibers get stronger which is important.
  • Six Packs: Lower body strengthening is an important and tough task to bring out those six-packs. Flutter kicks aids you well to tone those lower abs so that achieving the six-packs becomes a bit easier.
  • Back pain: In the process of strengthening your core, flutter kicks also make the back convenient and strong relieving back pain if you have any.
  • Belly Fat: There are so many workouts for upper belly fat to lose. However, for lower abs, there are fewer exercises and it is quite difficult to do. Flutter kicks are effective in reducing tough belly fat.

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All the above factors might already get into your system. So, start including flutter kicks in your routine to see amazing results.

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