Access Online Yoga for Specific Goals via Glo

Learning and practicing yoga online allows people the freedom to tailor the coursework around their specific goals. The creators of Glo have made an online site that does just that. Through Glo, an individual can start a program at their level. The team has assembled 1,000s of instructional videos with teachers from a variety of backgrounds.


Yoga online can build strength with Glo because they have put together specific programs geared to developing particular areas or full-body routines. If you are looking for six-pack abs, doing yoga to build core strength is necessary. The core muscles wrap around the waist like a natural girdle. There are many levels of core work on the site. Some beginners may want to start with standing work or mat work only. Advanced athletes can tackle the challenging balancing abdominal routines and waist whittlers.

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Glo did not leave out the upper body or legs. Upper body strength and balance are crucial if you are working towards head and handstands. Practicing online yoga in the privacy of your home can allow you to train on your schedule. These types of balancing poses take muscular strength and coordination. The power takes time to develop, but with the advice and routines structured by the Glo staff, you can be on your way quickly. Lower body workouts include stances mixed with stretching to build movement with grace.


Practicing online yoga can increase the range of motion through the entire body. The moves are sometimes held to increase blood flow and slowly stretch out the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Glo’s teachers can get your body temperature up and the blood moving. Once warmed up, you can take your time a do an hour-long full-body stretch or just hit some tight spots after a long day at the computer. The team created formats to fit every situation. They understood that sometimes people wanted and needed a long relaxing way to unwind, but during a busy work week, a quick but effective routine was a welcome relief.Read Also:Knees – How to strengthen them

Stress Reliever

Having online yoga access means you have stress relief at your fingertips. Glo’s programs can be downloaded to your cellular devices. This function allows you to take the online yoga videos with you to a quiet setting, such as a beach or mountaintop, and let it all go. Yoga can be a full physical and mental experience that you can breathe into. Many of the productions cover the art of breathing, and then the technique is weaved into movement. It is a progression that you can take at your pace in your setting of choice. Read Also:Hyperextension – A Two Edged Sword


Glo offers something special for moms. Specialized teachers put together instructional videos for every stage of pregnancy. It starts with before conception. The programs will prepare your body for pregnancy and birth. During pregnancy, Glo will be with you at every stage and modifying the workouts to match your needs as you move towards your delivery date. When you are ready, you can ease into the relaxation and recovery period. As your baby grows, there are classes you can take together too.Read Also:Rhomboid Muscles – How to strengthen them and improve your posture


Glo’s creators have experienced the benefits of exercise, and they wanted to bring it to people in a reliable and convenient method. They brought together men and women teachers who were skilled in yoga, Pilates, and meditation. They feel strongly about their platform and mission, so much so, anyone can try it for free.

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